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Discover expert Vastu insights from Guru Dharmendra Parmar, Founder of Maatangi Vastu Jyotish Research, and transform your living space into a harmonious sanctuary of positive energy and prosperity.


Astro Guru Dharmendra

6/28/20232 min read

Vastu, the science of arranging the five elements of nature in their proper positions and proportions, plays a vital role in setting up our surroundings to attract positive energy. It holds the power to usher in prosperity, growth, and happiness in our lives. One of the key suggestions is to place a tulsi plant at the entrance of the house. This sacred plant, associated with Lord Vishnu and renowned for its medicinal properties, absorbs negative energies and enhances positive energy in the surroundings. Ideally, it should be kept in the east direction, but it can also be placed near a window in the north or north-east.

  1. Avoid keeping an open shoe stand at the entrance as it tends to attract negative energies, disturbing the harmony of the house. Instead, place the shoe rack in the west or south-west corner, avoiding the north, south-east, and east directions.

  2. Sleeping with the head towards the north is discouraged due to the magnetic field's origin in the north and the orientation of our head. This sleeping position can lead to sleepless nights and blood disorder problems.

  3. Pay attention to the size and placement of doors and windows. Doors and windows in the north and east directions should be larger than those in the south and west directions. Additionally, it is advisable to avoid having windows in the southwest direction.

  4. Wall clocks should always be in working condition and placed on the east, west, or north walls of the house. This positioning helps attract new opportunities and ensures smooth workflow. Avoid using green wall clocks as they may hinder the flow of opportunities.

  5. Strategically arrange furniture in your home. Keep heavy furniture along the south and west walls, while placing light furniture adjacent to the north and east walls. Opt for wooden furniture over plastic, as wood does not emit harmful gases. Avoid using metal furniture as it can create an electromagnetic field, increasing negativity.

  6. The nameplate of your house should be kept neat and clean. A shiny nameplate not only attracts opportunities but also defines the lifestyle of the residents, creating a positive first impression.

  7. The main door acts as both an entrance for you and your guests and a gateway for energy. It should be prominent and larger than the other doors in the house. Construct the main door with wood and position it in the north, north-east, east, or west, as these directions are considered auspicious.

  8. Ensure that the central point of your building, known as bhramasthan, is free from obstructions such as pillars, beams, stairs, or heavy loads. Any corruption in the bhramasthan is directly linked to the loss of wealth and health.

  9. The northeast represents the origin of positive energies, so it should be kept open, light, and tidy. On the other hand, the southwest is considered the storage for such energies, so it should be kept heavy and closed. Creating a slight elevation and thicker walls in the south and west areas compared to those in the north and east can help achieve this balance.

By following these Vaastu principles, you can create a harmonious and prosperous living space that positively impacts your well-being and attracts abundance in your life.