Astro Guru Dharmendra Parmar Ji

Welcome to Astro Guru Dharmendra Parmar's realm of profound wisdom and expertise! With over 20 years of unparalleled experience as an esteemed astrologer, vastu analyst, and gemstone specialist, He is Founder of Maatangi Vastu Jyotish & Research, Astro Guru Dharmendra Parmar is your guiding light on the path to cosmic enlightenment. His meticulous insights and profound knowledge empower individuals to unlock the hidden potential of their lives, enabling them to achieve harmony, success, and overall well-being. Step into the realm of ancient wisdom, as Guru Dharmendra Parmar unveils the transformative power of astrology, vastu, and gemstones to create a life filled with abundance and positivity.
Bathed in a tapestry of prestigious accolades, Guru Dharmendra Parmar stands as a shining beacon in the realm of astrology and vastu. His remarkable expertise has garnered him distinguished honors such as the esteemed Jyotish Varahmihir, Jyotish Mahasagar, and Jyotish Marthand awards. Recognizing his profound contribution to the field, Guru Dharmendra Parmar has also been bestowed with the prestigious Shravan Nakshtra Award and the Shravan Nakshtra Samman. Furthermore, his mastery in the realm of gemstones has earned him the coveted titles of Jyotish Aditya and Jyotish Ratna Bhushan, while his unparalleled knowledge of vastu garnered him the esteemed Vastu Vashisth recognition. These accolades serve as a testament to Guru Dharmendra Parmar's exceptional skills and his unwavering dedication to transforming lives through the realms of astrology, gemstones, and vastu.