Our services

We offer a comprehensive range of services rooted in the profound wisdom of Maatangi Vastu and Jyotish. From personalized astrology consultations and Vastu analysis to gemstone recommendations and transformative workshops, our team led by Guru Dharmendra Parmar empowers individuals to navigate life's challenges, create harmonious living spaces, harness the energy of gemstones, and discover ancient wisdom through remedial measures and immersive learning experiences. Embark on a transformative journey with us and unlock the boundless potential of your life and surroundings.

Kundali (Birth Chart) Analysis

Unlock life's blueprint through our Kundali/Birth Chart Analysis. Gain profound insights into your personality, purpose, and future, empowering informed decisions and personal growth.

Kundali MIlan (matching)
Unleash the potential of lasting love with Kundali Matching. Our expert analysis reveals compatibility factors and provides a solid foundation for a harmonious and fulfilling partnership.

Monthly and Yearly Predictions

Illuminate your path ahead with our Yearly Monthly Prediction services. Gain personalized insights into the celestial influences and make informed decisions for a fulfilling and purposeful journey throughout the year.

Vastu for Home and Offices

Create harmonious living and working spaces with Vastu for Home & Offices. Our expert practitioners analyze and optimize the energetic flow, ensuring a balanced environment that promotes well-being, productivity, and success. Experience the transformative power of Vastu principles and create spaces that support your aspirations and enhance positive energies.

Mantra Chanting and Vedic Puja

Experience the transformative power of Puja Mantra Jaap, where sacred mantras connect you with higher realms. Purify your mind, uplift your spirit, and establish a deep connection with the divine. Invite blessings, inner peace, and spiritual growth into your life through this profound practice.

a compass rosette with a compass on a gold background
a compass rosette with a compass on a gold background
Gemstones Remedies

Discover the transformative potential of gemstone remedies as our experts guide you in selecting and harnessing the energies of precious gemstones. These remedies can help balance energies, attract abundance, and promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Experience the profound impact of nature's treasures and unlock their healing properties for a harmonious and empowered life.